Three Reasons to ‘Talk Turkey’

     Numerous times this column has discussed the nation of Turkey relative to the future of the Middle East as it relates to both Israel and America.  Turkey’s rich history includes its geographical position in the eastern leg of the Roman Empire and its capital Constantinople named after Constantine.  Constantinople was later renamed Istanbul.  Istanbul subsequently became the capital of the Ottoman Turkish Empire in 1453 AD.  The Ottoman Turks sided with Germany in WWI and both were defeated by allied forces.  The previous home of the Islamic Caliphate became the Republic of Turkey, as it is today.
     Now, the first reason to ‘talk Turkey’ today is found in Islamic literature.  Islam firmly believes that Turkey and Istanbul will once again be the home of the revived Islamic Caliphate.
     Renowned Islamic author Adnan Oktar sums up numerous Islamic hadiths with the following words:
     “The establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union will be the salvation of everyone, of people of all faiths, all nations and all opinions, not just of the Islamic world.  This union will bring love, brotherhood, friendship plenty and abundance to the world.  The Turkish-Islamic Union to be established under Turkish leadership will be instrumental in the world attaining an entirely new beauty…and in the construction of a powerful and deep-rooted civilization.  By Allah’s leave, the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union is an absolute certainty.  This is the destiny ordained by Allah.  One of the main proofs that the Turkish Nation will fulfill this historic responsibility is the way that the hadith…makes particular reference to Istanbul and to Turkey.  As revealed by the Prophet…Hazrat Mahdi will be active in Istanbul, will construct the Turkish-Islamic Union by bringing the dispersed Turkic states back together…”
     The second reason to ‘talk turkey’ today is summarized by author and Middle East expert Daniel Pipes.  Pipes has studied Turkey and the Middle East for more than four decades and written twelve books of the subject.  He has visited Turkey numerous times; his most recent visit was in December, 2012 and he summarized his finding in an interview with the Turkish press.
     Pipes noted that major changes have taken place in Turkey during the 40 years of his study and visits.  During the early years of the Republic of Turkey religion was not a primary factor, however, now he sees religion and the acceptance of sharia law slowly gaining a foothold.  When asked about whether Turkey is seen as a power player in the future of the Middle East, he replied:
     “Turkey absolutely is the best candidate right now for Middle East leadership.  Given its population, the ruling party’s vision, its economic strength, and its intellectual capacity, Turkey is the country closest to leading the Middle East.”
     When asked to compare Islam with the other major religions in the Middle East, namely Christianity and Judaism, Pipes responded:
     “I do not see Islamism is comparable to anything in Judaism or Christianity…I see it comparable to Communism and Fascism.  I see Islamism as far more a bigger threat than Jewish nationalism or a fundamentalist Christianity.  You can criticize Jews and Judaism, Christians and Christianity without facing danger.  However, you risk your life criticizing Islam.”
     Pipes notes also that the Republic of Turkey is gradually leaving Western values in favor of Islamism and sharia law.  Recall further that Turkey’s present Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Muslim, raised eyebrows recently when he stated that the term ‘moderate Islam’ is offensive and that ‘Islam is Islam’.
     The third reason to ‘talk Turkey’ today is found in Biblical prophecy.  Ezekiel was told to prophesy against Israel’s future enemies.
      “Thus says the LORD GOD: ‘Behold, I am against you…Meshech, and Tubal…Gomer and all its troops; the house of Togarmah…’”Ezekiel 38:1-6
     These enemies of Israel are all part of modern Turkey.  Those mentioned will be joined by Persia (Iran), Ethiopia, and Libya and according to the Bible will suffer profound defeat when they attack Israel.
    Numerous times this column has suggested that America and Israel keep their eyes on Turkey.  Being informed is invaluable in understanding the future.
     Two great resources for objective information in addition to the Bible can be found at and

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