God’s Plan for His Chosen: The Cost and the Conflict

Title of Book: God’s Plan for His Chosen (The Cost and the Conflict)               

    This book reaches back to ages past to address events that served as precursors to Adam.  Such major events included God’s drafting of His detailed plan for those He would create in His own image, along with the participants in that plan.

    A major part of the curse resulting from the sin in the Garden of Eden included God’s proclamation to Satan that He would put enmity between him and the woman and between his seed and her Seed.

    Such began the odyssey of redemption for man and the ongoing conflict between God’s chosen and the enemy and his seed.

    Much is said about the conflict and the differences between the kingdom minority and the world majority.

    Secular progressivism is also exposed in America’s agenda.

    This book contains 959 verses from 51 books of the Bible.

Chapter Titles:

  1. Precursors to Adam
  2. God’s Eternal Plan takes Shape
  3. God says “I Will…”
  4. Introduction to Redemption
  5. What was the Lost Possession?
  6. The Bible’s Scarlet Thread
  7. Man’s Great Dilemma Solved
  8. The Kinsman Redeemer
  9. Redemption for Israel – God’s Chosen Nation
  10. Redemption for the Church
  11. The Nations in God’s Plan
  12. The Preeminent ‘Woman’ in the Bible
  13. The ‘Other Woman’
  14. Shedding Innocent Blood
  15. The Serpent and His Seed
  16. Differentiating the Majority from the Minority
  17. What in the ‘World’ is the Majority up to these days?