Are America’s Greatest Days Ahead?

For those who believe the Bible has neither place nor relevance in America’s future, the following might be considered foolishness. However, for those who believe in the sovereignty of God and the validity of the Scriptures, the following will resonate and confirm their perceptions.

A good starting point is to consider the building blocks of this great republic and compare its foundation with the present. Several years ago when our president touted the proposed benefits of the stimulus program he said his administration could be likened to a wise man who built his house on a rock. The house would not fall because it was founded on the rock.

He was obviously referring to Matthew 8:24-25. That is a great scripture; however, Jesus’ words that provided the context of that passage was omitted.

“Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock…”
Matthew 8:24

The key to wisdom is not only to hear Jesus’ words, but adopt and put them into practice.

Presently nearly 3 out of 4 Americans think this nation is headed in the wrong direction. Perhaps their thinking is correct, but many if not most believe this nation’s problems can be solved with short-term solutions such as an economic recovery.

Then there are those who examine this nation’s woes at a deeper level. They examine the policies and ideologies of our leaders that brought us to this point. Such thinking is more interested in addressing the sources of the problems and changing overall direction. There is little question that liberalism favors larger government to be more involved in helping the masses achieve a higher level of living provided by wealth redistribution. Conservatism, on the other hand, favors less intrusive government which allows individuals to pursue goals and aspirations utilizing one’s personal effort and religious freedoms.

But flawed ideology is not the only reason for national decline. Study after study confirms that the demographics in the United States are undergoing profound changes. It is estimated that by 2050 North America and Europe will comprise only 12% of the world’s population vs. 28% just a half century ago.

The decline in America’s natural growth rate can be attributed to several factors including birth control and abortion. America’s immigration policy is partially compensating for the decreased growth rate. One of the challenges of our immigration policy is that many immigrants of today have little or no interest in assimilating into American culture. Many do not share the same ideals or the religious foundation on which this great nation was founded. America is known for promoting diversity, thus our political correctness accommodates them.

Consider further that nearly a century ago a major portion of immigrants coming to America were from Europe and for the most part welcomed assimilation into American culture. The ‘melting pot’ has been transformed into multiculturalism. When varied cultures within a nation compete for dominance the end result is a dilution of national values resulting in internal conflict.

Nearly all studies confirm that white America (a demographically correct term) is becoming the minority population segment. Studies also show that white Americans are predominately conservative Christians. As their relative numbers and influence decreases, so grows the gap between what America once was and where she is headed.

Consider Europe and witness her decline. America and other western nations are close behind. Recall that Europe’s leaders have recently and collectively warned the rest of the world of the negative affects of their multicultural experiences.

The Bible addresses the issue very succinctly. When God gave Israel the land of Canaan, He gave them instructions and repeated them several times.

“One law shall be for the native-born and for the stranger who dwells among you.” Exodus 12:49

Therefore, Americans can focus on short-term perceived solutions or recognize longer range trends which are unfolding before our eyes and defining our future. However, for the Christian community, the Bible will be consulted to see where America is headed and why. Can the trend be reversed? Everyone can arrive at their own conclusion. The good news is that regardless of our national destiny every individual can choose their own personal eternal future.

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