History of the Future

Republican pundits are having a hay day with the plethora of material they have available for the next several years with the new “change driven” democratic president. These pundits should look beyond partisan ideologies, however, and take note of President Obama’s Christianity which trumps political partisanship. His outward expression of his religious beliefs should make it much easier for anyone to speak out openly about biblical issues because Americans can be confident that their president’s ideology will reflect Biblical principles.

A profound attribute of the Bible is that a large portion of its contents describes in great detail historical events that were foretold literally hundreds of years before their occurrence. Kings were called by name and their missions explained centuries before the kings were even born.

The prophetic aspect of the Bible can be very beneficial to President Obama because many issues that appear critically important today may be non-issues in the future. This knowledge should assist President Obama in establishing his present priorities.

For example, one of the most discussed issues during his fledgling presidency is the issue of political partisanship. Partisanship can be described briefly as following general ideologies of a political party without regard to the merits of specific issues. For example the congressional response to the recently proposed “stimulus” packages reveals voting was along strict party lines, i.e. partisanship was very obvious. It is just accepted that this country will be governed by either conservative or liberal ideologies which will be decided by the general electorate. President Obama, along with perhaps all of his predecessors has spoken out about the need to minimize partisanship in government. Such partisanship does in fact inhibit the passage of proposed legislation.

Liberal ideologies are typically associated with the Democratic Party while more conservative ideologies are normally associated with the Republican Party. Christianity is prevalent in both political parties. One of the major differences between the two parties is the amount of governmental participation in the daily workings of a capitalistic system. Another major difference is whether the government should be involved in the redistribution of individual wealth via the taxing system or let capital flow freely to those who earn it and will hopefully reinvest it in the production of more goods and services.

In an attempt to minimize the affects of partisanship the government of this nation was established on the foundation of three separate entities, i.e. the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. Laws are proposed by the House of Representatives and the Senate. Such laws are examined, reviewed and either approved or vetoed by the Executive Branch of government represented by the president and his staff. The nonpartisan judicial branch of our government reviews such proposed legislation to insure that it is congruous with the Constitution. The three branches of government act as check points to each other to insure that the overall good of the nation is pursued. This system was designed with good intentions.

Well, President Obama’s Bible tells of a future day when partisanship will in fact be a thing of the past. That future day will include the three basic components, i.e. legislative, executive, and judicial functions, but they will rest on the shoulders of one individual which will not be chosen by the electorate. That future day is described thusly:

For the LORD is our Judge, the LORD is our Lawgiver, the LORD is our King; He will save us… Isaiah 33:22

And the “Whitehouse” will be in Jerusalem. There are entire chapters in President Obama’s Bible describing this future governmental arrangement.

That the government will rest on the shoulders of an individual not elected by the people and that the seat of such government will be located in the mid east is a seething indictment of our numerous failed attempts to successfully govern ourselves even with the best intentions. As we review the history of this great nation it must be admitted that we have strayed far away from the original principles espoused by our founding fathers.

President Obama and his successors may make valiant attempts to return America to its original intent, but according to the final chapters of his Bible such attempts will be in vain as the future history of all national governments has already been written.

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